Handling money is an essential life skill

Let KALSEE Credit Union help you teach your kids to manage it responsibly! KALSEE is here to help remind your kids of the value of saving wisely and managing money with a Kids Club Account. This is an opportunity for you AND our “Kid-Friendly” staff here at KALSEE, to teach your kids the value of saving money! We promise kids of all ages who open a KALSEE Kids Club Account that we will make saving money at KALSEE a fun and rewarding experience!

How to get started with a youth savings

Stop into any KALSEE Credit Union office with your child’s Social Security number, along with a Student ID or identification card and $1.00 to open your KALSEE Kids Club Savings Account.

Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

Kalsee youth CDs earn the same great rates as regular CDs, with a minimum deposit of just $100. Our youth CDs also include the option to add additional funds at any time during the term of the CD via teller, phone transfer, or online banking. Learn more about our CD offerings and view current rates.

Free coin processing

KALSEE Kids can save as much coin as they wish. When they turn it into KALSEE for coin processing, there is absolutely no charge! It’s completely FREE…provided the money is deposited into their account. (Service available at the Millcork, S. Westnedge, and Stadium offices!)

Youth checking with debit cards? Sure!

At age 13, minors can request to open a checking account with an ATM or debit card. A parent or legal guardian must be joint on the account until the minor reaches the age of 18. There’s no better way to learn good money management skills than experience!


CD Rates and Details


It’s a Money Thing – free online money education!