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How Do I...?

Login to your account online, call 269-382-7800, or visit any branch with a valid ID and correct address.
Call 866-985-2273 from the phone associated with your account to activate your card or to change or set your card PIN.
Click to view our locations and hours.

Click to locate a fee-free ATM  near you. Did you know you can use credit union CO-OP network ATMs and fee free?
KALSEE Credit Union offers Comprehensive Identity Theft Protection for members and their families for only $2.00/month. Learn more about ID Protect.
We offer several convenient options for making your loan payment. Learn more.
Kalsee's routing number is #272481855. You can find it located at the bottom left of your checks.
Call 866-550-1671.

To have your paycheck, pension, or Social Security checks safely and automatically deposited directly into your Kalsee account, use our online Pinwheel switch tool, submit your account information to your employer (they may have a required form, or use ours), or learn about direct deposit for Social Security.

You'll need to provide Kalsee's routing number (272481855) and your member number.

Don't see your question listed here? Call us at 269-382-7800 or contact us online.

You may receive text messages from Kalsee via any of the following numbers: 888-959-5257, 269-367-8618, 269-386-6033, 269-386-6031, 269-386-6034, 231-359-3753, 269-575-0694, 269-525-4224, 269-525-4130, 269-257-2685, 269-585-6899, or 269-382-7800.