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Overdraft Protection


When money's tight and you need a little help getting by, we're here for you with several overdraft protection options to choose from. 

Courtesy Pay

$30 per item

Whether you need a little help when money is tight or the reassurance that we’ve got you covered in case of an error in your budgeting, Courtesy Pay allows us to honor your check, ACH, and electronic funds transfer transactions which exceed the available balance in your checking account, up to a total of $750.00. You then have up to 30 days to repay the insufficient balance.

Your checking account comes with Courtesy Pay for check, ACH, and electronic funds transfer transactions (though you must meet qualifications and can choose to opt out). You may also choose to add Courtesy Pay for your debit and ATM transactions (without opting in to Courtesy Pay for debit and ATM, your over-drafted debit and ATM transactions will be declined).

If you don’t use it, it doesn’t cost anything.

Learn more about Courtesy Pay

Overdraft Transfer from Savings

$5 per item

You may also choose to set up an overdraft transfer from your savings account. If a check, ACH, or electronic funds transfer overdrafts your account, funds will automatically be moved from your savings to cover the transaction.

Non-Sufficient Funds Fee

$35 per item

If you are opted out of Courtesy Pay and bounce a check, ACH, or electronic funds transfer item, the transaction is denied or the check is returned, and a Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) fee assessed.

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Pro Tip:

If you don't use your overdraft protection, it doesn't cost you anything. So why not be prepared just in case?

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