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Login to your account online, call 269-382-7800, or visit any branch with a valid ID and correct address.
Direct Deposit enables you to have your paycheck safely and automatically deposited directly into your Kalsee account. Even if you are retired, you can easily make arrangements to have your pension checks and/or Social Security checks deposited.

Saving money or making loan payments is easiest when it’s automatically deposited into your Kalsee account by payroll deduction. Automatically send funds from your paycheck directly into most any type of Kalsee savings or checking account or automatically make payments to any Kalsee loan.

These convenient services are available fee free simply by asking your employer (they’ll need our routing #272481855 and your account number with 3-digit account suffix).
In preparing for your home purchase, please gather the necessary documentation for your Mortgage Loan Officer.

In preparing for your home refinance, please gather the necessary documentation for your Mortgage Loan Officer.
Transfer funds to and from your KALSEE accounts and accounts elsewhere via Online Banking. Simply fill out a request form and submit it and a voided check or statement copy to any KALSEE office or by mail to KALSEE Credit Union, PO Box 3006, Kalamazoo, MI 49003-3006. Once we’ve processed your request, you’ll be able to move funds to and from your account elsewhere via the Pay & Transfer menu.

To access multiple memberships without using multiple logins, request our Jump feature. Jump between accounts via the My Accounts menu, My Other Memberships option.

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Call 866-985-2273 from the phone associated with your account to activate your card or to change or set your card PIN.
Click to view our locations and hours.

Click to locate a fee-free ATM  near you. Did you know you can use credit union CO-OP network ATMs and fee free?
KALSEE Credit Union offers Comprehensive Identity Theft Protection for members and their families for only $2.00/month. Learn more about ID Protect.
Kalsee's routing number is #272481855. You can find it located at the bottom left of your checks.

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