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Business CDs


Your business is so much more than a means to the bottom line.

We won’t try to sell you something, we’ll try to solve you something. Business CDs are a handy and simple way to earn a return on your extra funds. 
  • Minimum deposit of just $500
  • Add-On CD option allows you to continue to deposit to the CD during its term
  • Interest compounds quarterly
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Pro Tip:

Rather than putting all your funds in one CD, choose multiple CDs and “ladder” their maturity dates. This is a great strategy for the option of accessing funds every 6 months with the higher rates of longer-term CDs.

Start by opening a 6-month CD and a 12-month CD. When the 6-month CD matures, move it to a 12-month. Now your two 12-month CDs are staggered to mature at 6 month intervals.

CD Ladder Calculator

 Business CD Rates

As high as 1.10% APY1

6 months 0.20% 0.200%
1 year 0.45%
2 year 0.55%
3 year 0.70%
4 year 0.85%
5 year 0.95%

$500 – $9,999 
($100 minimum for youth CDs)
$10,000 +
Term APY1 Rate APY1 Rate


More To Explore

1 APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Rates effective . Rates are subject to change. Fees may reduce earnings. CDs are subject to early redemption penalties: 6-month CD, loss of 30 days interest; 1-year CD, loss of 90 days interest; 2-5-year CD, loss of 180 days interest.
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