What is Shared Branching?

It’s a great thing – and banks don’t do anything like it!

Shared Branching consists of a group of over 4,000 credit unions who work together to enable you to access your credit union account.

Shared Branching Outlets are located across the United States and in countries across the world:  Puerto Rico, Japan, South Korea, Italy and Germany. Be sure to look for the CO-OP Shared Branch (CU Service Center) or Xtend Shared Branch logo as you travel, or find a shared branch location near you, wherever you go, at and!

Find the CO-OP Shared Branch closest to you!
Find the Xtend Shared Branch closest to you!

Xtend Shared Branching

Xtend Shared Branching is a cooperative project between a large group of credit unions which enables you to visit any of more than 160 additional credit union locations around the country and conduct transactions on your KALSEE account! Best of all, IT’S FREE and available right now! You can perform a variety of KALSEE transactions at participating Xtend Shared Branching credit unions in Indiana, Michigan, New York, South Dakota and Washington State. And, all KALSEE locations participate in Xtend Shared Branching!

Xtend Shared Branching service is in addition to Service Center Shared Branching outlets. This means you now have many, many other locations to conduct typical KALSEE transactions as you travel around the state or across the USA.

For your convenience, click to download a list of the local participating Xtend Shared Branch Credit Unions or search for nearby branches below!

Xtend Shared Branching
Xtend Shared Branch Locator


To get the totally FREE Xtend Shared Branching Mobile App, just go into your device’s app store and search for Xtend shared branching.

Local Area Xtend Shared Branching

Honor Credit Union:   5713 Venture Park, Kalamazoo, MI
United Educational: 115 Riverside Dr. Battle Creek, MI
Post Community: 2340 Centre Ave. Portage, MI
Grand Trunk Community: 1275 N Raymond Rd. Battle Creek MI
Preferred Credit Union: 4245 S Westnedge Ave. Kalamazoo, MI
Thornapple Valley Community: 108 S. Grove St., Delton, MI