Mobile Check Deposit

Mobile Check Deposit


Save yourself a trip to the credit union. Now you can deposit a check simply by taking a photo of it with your phone.

  • Download the KALSEE mobile app for iPhone or Android.
  • Select Remote Deposit from the main menu.
  • Click Sign Up to register your account for mobile deposit – you’ll need the number for each savings or checking you’d like to deposit to (your member number + the 3 digit number next to the account on the Account Summary screen in online banking). You’ll receive an email when your registration is approved.
  • Now you’re ready to deposit checks! Select Remote Deposit from the main menu and login. Select from the menu to deposit a check, review recent deposits, or view/edit the accounts you can deposit to.


Download a step-by-step guide
Download the Apple app
Download the Android app

How much can I deposit?

How much you can deposit in a given check, day, or month is determined by your Perks status.

Perks Deposit Levels
Max $ amount per day$500$1,000$5,000$7,500
Max # of checks per day2355
Max $ amount of each check$250$750$1,000$2,500
Max total $ in 30 days$3,000$5,000$7,500$10,000
Perks Deposit Levels - Mobile
Max $ amount per day
Max # of checks per day
Max $ amount of each check
Max total $ in 30 days


Should I endorse my check differently?
Yes. Under your signature, please write “for mobile deposit at KALSEE.”

How long does it take for the funds to show up in my account?
Checks will post to your account within two business day (weekends and holidays are not business days), with the same ‘check hold’ rules as at the teller line or ATM in accordance with our Funds Availability Policy Disclosure.

Is there a fee to deposit a check?
No. We offer mobile check deposit free to members.

How much can I deposit? How many checks?
How many checks you can deposit and for what amount is determined by your KALSEE Perks status. See above for details.

When am I eligible for mobile deposit?
To be eligible for mobile deposit you must have been a KALSEE member for at least 30 days, you must be at least 18 years old, have an active checking account, and be in good standing (no delinquent loans or overdrawn accounts).

Will I need a separate login for mobile check deposit?
Yes, you will log in to mobilee check deposit separately from mobile banking, however, you can use the same username and password if you’d like.

I’m seeing a password validation error. What are the requirements for creating a password?
Your password must 1) be 8-40 characters, 2) contain one uppercase letter, 3) contain one number, and 4) contain one special character.

Is mobile check deposit safe?
Yes, we use two-factor login authentication and data encryption.

Do I need to keep my check after submitting it using mobile check deposit?
Yes, we recommend you keep your checks until you receive your next statement and have verified that your deposit have posted to your account correctly. Please store checks in a safe place.

What devices can I use mobile check deposit from?
You can use mobile check deposit from any device you have the KALSEE mobile app downloaded on. We currently support Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, and the Kindle Fire.

Will I get a notification when my deposit is approved?
Our mobile app can send you a push notification when your deposit is approved if you’ve allowed push notifications in your settings.

Are business accounts eligible for mobile check deposit?
Yes, you can register for mobile check deposit with your business checking or savings. Checks deposited via our app will count towards your allotment of free items.

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