Our new and improved mobile app experience is now live!

What’s New

  • Face, touch, voice, and PIN login options
  • Single sign on mobile deposit
  • Card controls – temporarily lock and unlock your debit and credit cards in real time

What’s the Same

  • My Accounts menu options
    • View accounts
    • Transfer funds
    • Make loan payments
    • Pay bills

Downloading the New App


  • You’ll receive the new app as an update to your existing KALSEE app (per your device’s update settings).
  • Mobile deposit users will need to re-enroll and be approved to deposit checks.


Download from Apple App Store
Download from Google Play Store

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Your mobile app login will be the same as your desktop online banking login. If you’ve never logged in before, your username is your KALSEE account number. Call 269.382.7800 to have your temporary password activated.
  • Yes, you can login with username/password for any KALSEE membership. Only one membership can be associated with touch, face, voice, and PIN ID. You can also sign up to “Jump” between memberships using the My Other Memberships option under the My Accounts menu, without having to sign in each time. Contact a KALSEE team member to sign up.
  • No, you no longer need a separate login for mobile deposit.
  • Apple: iPhone X or newer will include a FaceID login option. Older phones will include TouchID.
  • Android: All Android phones will offer a face login option.

Pro Tips

  • Think your card is lost or stolen? Act fast to prevent fraudulent charges by placing a temporary lock on your credit or debit card. Select the More menu, then Manage My Cards. Lock and unlock your card in real time. You can also see recent transactions and instructions for reporting your card lost or stolen.
  • If you always sign in with the same method (touch, voice, or face), you can avoid selecting your method each time. Go to the More menu, then Settings, then Authentication Options, and turn on Quick Authentication.
  • Subscribe to eAlerts to receive an email when your account falls below a balance, you receive an ACH deposit or withdrawal, or your loan is due. Select the My Accounts menu, then Info Center, then eAlert Subscriptions.
  • To see a summary of the interest you’ve paid and the dividends you’ve earned, select the My Accounts menu, then My Accounts, then Dividend/Interest Summary.