Comic: Making Money


Career Choice Roller Coaster

Kid 1: Guys, GUYS! I finally found my DREAM JOB!

Kid 2: Nice!

Kid 1: I’m gonna be a ROLLER-COASTER TESTER!

Kid 3: Does it pay well?

Kid 1: I don't think so.

Kid 2: Does it use your talents?

Kid 1: Not really...

Kid 4: Does it make the world a better place?

Kid 1: It WOULD be fun...

Fun enough to do EVERY DAY until you're an old grandpa?


Kid 1: Hmmm... When you put it that way, probably not. There's a lot more to a DREAM JOB than I thought!

Kid 3: Thinking about it this way will help your dream job become a reality.

Choosing your career is a mix of income, skill, and passion.

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