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Identity Theft Protection with ID Protect

ID Protection ServicesWith the alarming growth of identity theft, protecting your identity is one of KALSEE Credit Union’s highest priorities. We offer a REAL, affordable, and very comprehensive identity theft protection service.

IDProtect™ is available for all KALSEE members.* For the affordable price of just $2 per month (deducted automatically from your account on the 5th of each month), the identity theft protection service protects you, anyone joint on your KALSEE account, AND your family** all for $2 per month!

  • Identity Theft ProtectionCredit File Monitoring.
  • 3-in-1 Credit Report.
  • Credit Score.
  • Comprehensive Identity Theft Resolution Services.
  • Debit and credit card registration.
  • An ID theft recovery case plan to inform you of the recovery process.
  • Toll-free access to a dedicated consumer fraud specialist.
  • An online identity theft news center and valuable phone and website resources.
  • Up to $10,000 identity fraud expense reimbursement coverage*** per incident.

Contact any KALSEE office to opt-in for this super comprehensive identity theft protection plan.

* Please note that Business Accounts are not eligible for The IDProtect™ program. You always have the freedom to opt-out of the IDProtect™ program by contacting any KALSEE office.  

** Family includes: Spouse, persons qualifying as a domestic partner under the provisions of any applicable federal, state or local law, children under 25 years of age and parent of such natural persons who are residents of the same household.

*** Identity Fraud Expense Reimbursement Policy underwritten by Travelers Casualty and Surety Company of America and its property casualty affiliates. Hartford, CT 06183. Coverage for all claims or losses depends on actual policy provisions. Availability of coverage can depend on our underwriting qualifications and state regulations.

IDProtect™ FAQs

What is this new service?
It is a new identity protection service provided to eligible account owners and their families by KALSEE. It is powered by IDProtect and provides account owners with identity theft protection services. KALSEE deducts the $2 monthly fee from your account. IDProtect does not debit the $2 from your account.

What if account owner changes their mind and decide they want the IDProtect coverage after they’ve waived coverage?
Account owner can establish coverage by communicating directly with KALSEE.

Does the monthly fee cover the current month’s coverage?

Are joint account owners covered?
Yes, joint account owners enjoy the same level of coverage as the primary account owner. Each account owner has up to $10,000 coverage per covered incident.*

* Insurance coverage is provided to all eligible account holders by Financial Institution.

Are family members covered?
Yes, family members (as defined below) enjoy the same level of coverage as account owners. Family includes: Spouse, persons qualifying as a domestic partner under the provisions of any applicable federal, state or local law, children under 25 years of age and parents of such natural persons who are residents of the same household.

If account owner has more than one eligible account, will they be charged monthly fee on each account each month?
Yes, unless they opt-out of some of their accounts.

May account owners prepay their coverage – quarterly, annually?
No, it is paid monthly.

What happens to account owner’s coverage if they close their eligible account?
The coverage ends when the account is closed.

If account owner closes an eligible personal account and opens a non-personal or business account, does the account owner’s coverage remain in force?
No, coverage ends when the personal eligible account is closed.

Can anyone purchase this coverage direct from IDProtect for the same monthly fee we are offering our account owners?
No, this program was specifically designed for our account owners that we have identified as being eligible for this service.

Does the coverage still apply to account owner and joint account owners if they do not have internet access?
Yes, the internet site provides additional resources, but access to the site is not required to have the coverage.**

** Access to the credit file monitoring product is available online only at: www.IDProtectMe247.com

The service is powered by IDProtect – who are they and where are they located?
Econ-O-Check Corporation is the provider of the IDProtect program and they are located at 3 Gresham Landing, Stockbridge, GA 30281. Econ-O-Check has been providing insurance products to financial institutions since 1973.

Does IDProtect have account owner’s personal information?
Econ-O-Check/IDProtect does not have account owner’s personal information unless account owner provides it directly to Econ-O-Check. Econ-O-Check performs the mailing for us and handles opt out calls but at no time do they have access to account numbers nor have the ability to charge our account owners.

Who do we contact about IDProtect?
Account Owners can call the financial institution directly – but if they have questions directly related to the benefits and services or have a claim they can call: IDProtect Service Center – 1-877-610-7889 (General Questions), or Travelers – 1-800-842-8496 (Claims).