Skip a loan payment

Skip a Loan Payment


December or January

Keep your cash for winter fun! Skip a loan payment on your auto, RV, or unsecured installment loan.1 Request your skip via online banking, mobile app ($25), or Member Service Representative ($35).

Login to online banking to request your skip

Please submit your skip request at least five days prior to your due date. To skip via Online Banking, you’ll need to have at least $25 available balance in a Kalsee checking or savings. Your loan will show as eligible after your November payment is made.

To Skip via Mobile App:

  1. Select My Accounts, then Loans
  2. Click on the loan you’d like to skip on the Loan Summary screen
  3. Select the Skip-A-Pay button near the bottom of the screen

To Skip via Online Banking:

  1. Click the green "SP" next to your eligible loans on the Account Summary screen

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1 The fee to skip a payment via Online Banking is $25, $35 to skip via teller or mail. Any deferred payments will increase the interest over the life of the loan and add an additional payment amount at the end of the loan. Consumer auto, RV, and unsecured installment loans in good standing are eligible. By deferring the payment(s), interest will be accumulated on the outstanding balance which will increase the total cost of borrowing. Subject to approval.
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