Remember to call us at 269.382.7800 and let us know!

We care about the security of your credit and debit cards. Therefore, KALSEE utilizes fraud monitoring to help us identify potentially suspicious activity tied to your cards. Unusual purchase patterns, such as purchases made out of state, trigger an alert and can be cause to temporarily suspend your card.

To avoid having your card suspended while you’re traveling and making purchases outside your normal spending patterns, be sure to call and let us know when and where you plan to travel.

It’s also very important to make sure we always have up-to-date contact info for you, including a cell phone number, so that we can reach you to confirm whether a purchase is legitimate or fraudulent. To update your info, login to Online Banking and select the Info Center tab, then Personal Information under My Preferences (please allow one business day for changes to take effect), or call 269.382.7800 for more info.

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