One & Done Business Mortgages: Easy, Flat Fee!

Business mortgage


Looking to move your mortgage from a large, impersonal financial institution? Wanting a simpler business mortgage solution for your purchase or refinance? KALSEE offers commercial real estate mortgages for your brick and mortar.

Make life easy and save with tiered, flat fee closing costs on your business mortgage.

  • Loan up to $250,000 = $2,500 closing cost
  • $250,001 – $500,000 = $5,000 closing cost
  • $500,002 – $750,000 = $7,500 closing cost

Our flat fee includes all business mortgage closing costs except the initial underwriting fee, environmental work beyond a transaction screen, any taxes currently due or past due, and attorney/broker fees.

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Sarah Lehnder, Business Lending

Sarah Lehner

Business Services Officer

Working with your financial institution to secure financing for your business should never be a difficult or impersonal process. At KALSEE, you will get the personalized, one-on-one attention you expect and deserve. Our highest priority is finding ways to help you grow your business and achieve success. We work closely with our business members to truly understand their needs and provide solutions to help them take their organizations to the next level. Please take a moment to review our business lending products, as well as our “best in class” business services. Thanks for being a KALSEE Credit Union member and by all means, feel free to contact me. We’ll put the KALSEE advantage to work for you!


CT Electrical Services, Inc.

“KALSEE has been phenomenal. I was with PNC. When the recession hit, they just shut us down. They wouldn’t do anything for us. We started with Ric at KALSEE. He was willing to look past the numbers on the page and talk to me. The personal relationship was all the difference in the world. It was invaluable to be able to talk to a person because otherwise you’re dealing with a business credit manager at these big banks, and if you don’t fit whatever the ratios are it’s a no. I recommend KALSEE to everybody. My parents started the business the year I was born. KALSEE is like First National was 30 years ago. The people behind the counter recognize me when I walk in, they know me. It’s personal banking, instead of just being a number.”
– Chris Balkema

Thad Reeder Automotive

“KALSEE is like family, really. They bent over backwards for us on numerous occasions when other banks treated us like a number. KALSEE went to bat for us when nobody else would. We really appreciate that. Ric would come all the way down here to Vicksburg for us and brought it on a personal level. That’s how we try to run OUR business. Our customers become family after a while. We switched over everything. I like the small town feel of a credit union, you get more of a personal touch. We couldn’t be happier with KALSEE.”
– Thad & Christina Reeder