Hang Up When Someone Calls You and Asks for Your Card Info

We’re hearing reports of a new phone phishing scam (the attempt to gain sensitive info by posing as a trustworthy entity). In this example, a recorded call states that “your MasterCard debit card has been put on hold, please press 1”. You’ll then be prompted to enter sensitive information. This is not a legitimate call from KALSEE Credit Union.

As always, please immediately disconnect any suspicious call that relates to your debit or credit card or that requests any personal financial information. If you have concerns about your account, call the company/financial institution directly at a known phone number.

Please also review the legitimate fraud alerts you’ll receive from KALSEE in case there is a real issue with your card, by clicking here.

Other common phone scams include calls from the IRS, calls from law enforcement stating that a relative is in jail and needs bond money, calls stating there’s a warrant for your arrest, or anyone who asks you to pay via or purchase gift cards for them.

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