Equifax Data Breach

On September 7th, 2017, credit rating firm Equifax revealed that they had discovered a data breach. As many as 143 million Americans may have had their personal information compromised as a result, including name, credit card, social security number, date of birth, home address, and drivers license number.

KALSEE recommends that you monitor your card activity and credit report for anomalies during this time, and during the next tax season (it’s recommended that you file your 2017 taxes as early as possible). All KALSEE credit and debit cards come with fraud monitoring that looks for suspicious activity outside your normal spending patterns.

KALSEE also offers ID Protect for just $2 a month, which includes credit file monitoring and identity theft resolution services. If you’re interested in this service, stop in to any office or call 269.382.7800.

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