What If the Coronavirus Causes You Financial Hardship?


It’s our mission to be here for you in good times and in bad. In the unfortunate event that the Coronavirus causes financial hardships like layoffs or other unexpected losses of income, please reach out to us. We have options for helping you get through:

Waiving Your Minimum Credit Card Payment

We’ve waiving your April minimum credit card payment. Your March statement will show a minimum payment of $0 due in April. You may still choose to make a payment, or you may simply skip your April payment.1

Skip a Loan Payment

We’re offering skips on your unsecured loans, auto and RV loans, home equity loans, and home equity lines of credit in April or May and waiving the normal skip-a-pay fee.2

To request a skip:

  • In online banking, click the “SP” next to your eligible loans.
  • In our mobile app, click the Skip-a-Pay button on the loan detail screen.
  • Visit a branch drive thru or call 269.382.7800.

#LifeHappens Loan

We offer discounted personal loans to help your family face challenges head on during this difficult time, as low as 6.00% APR.3

Loan Extensions

If your situation is more severe or longer term, speak with a Member Service Representative about the possibility of a loan payment extension arrangement. The sooner you reach out and share your needs with us, the better we can help you. Call 269.382.7800.


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Community Resources

Many organizations and individuals in our community have rallied to offer support to those suffering from the various challenges presented by COVID-19. Whether you’re in need of financial assistance or want to help those affected, there are many options:


Southwest Michigan First’s List of Community Resources





1 Interest will continue to accrue.

2 Any deferred payments will increase the interest over the life of the loan and add an additional payment amount at the end of the loan. Consumer auto, RV, and unsecured installment loans in good standing are eligible. Subject to approval. I am aware that choosing to skip payments on my loan may affect future payment of Life & Disability or GAP Claims. By deferring the payment(s), I realize interest will be accumulated on the outstanding balance which will increase the total cost of borrowing. I will resume payments as scheduled following the deferred month.

3 APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rate varies based on creditworthiness.

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