Introducing our Contact Center team!



Located at our Kalamazoo Main Office on Millcork, our Contact Center team exists to answer all your everyday banking questions via phone in a timely and expert fashion. We’re here to be your financial consultants and educators, helping you be successful by matching you up with the right products and services to set you on the path to money wellness. We’ll also help you in a friendly, professional manner with:

  • Account inquiries
  • Rate inquiries
  • Loan applications
  • Questions regarding KALSEE’s products and services
  • Resetting passwords
  • Debit card questions
  • …and much more!

We look forward to talking with you soon!



Contact Center Manager

“I first started in the credit union industry as a teller right out of high school and have held many positions, including member service, lending, training and management. I’ve had the opportunity to not only call the credit union industry a great place to work, but I can honestly say it’s been my home. Over the years, I’ve been blessed in helping members reach their financial goals, as well as seeing the people I mentor develop into great leaders and pass on the passion for helping others. Currently, I have a fulfilling career as KALSEE’s Training & Development Manager and have recently taken on the great responsibility of managing our Contact Center. I’m dedicated to developing a service and solution culture, onboarding new employees, creating development training programs, building employee product and service knowledge, and helping offer solutions to our members.”


Senior Member Service Representative

“I have been in the financial industry since 2010 and have held many different roles. I started at Lake Michigan Credit Union as a teller and transitioned to KALSEE Credit Union in the spring of 2014. At KALSEE, I have held the roles of teller, head teller, indirect funding loan officer, and now my most current role of Sr. Contact Center MSR. I love working for KALSEE as I feel like I am working with family and serving our members like they’re my family. Our motto of ‘Our family serving yours’ is a huge part of why I chose to work for KALSEE.”


Loan Officer

“I have worked at three different large banks in both contact centers and branches in Grand Rapids, Cincinnati, and Battle Creek, and have recently rooted back in my hometown of Kalamazoo. I was ecstatic to find KALSEE Credit Union was growing and had created a new position in their Contact Center. I am passionate about credit unions in how they are owned by members of our community, for the people of our community. I have seen KALSEE be an active part in our local cities, and am pleased to become part of their “family serving yours.” As I begin my career here at the start of 2018, I look forward to serving my hometown area in assisting our members gain personal financial success.”


Loan Officer

“I have 17 years’ experience in the financial industry. I previously worked for Bank of America and Old National Bank, with extensive experience in member service and lending. I joined the KALSEE team in 2014 and worked as the Head Teller at the Battle Creek office, where I earned my Certified CU Financial Counselor license in 2016. I look forward to helping members achieve financial success and receive a world class member experience in the Call Center as the Call Center Loan Officer. I enjoy serving our members, it’s what makes me excited to come to work every day. I love being able to help members reach financial milestones like purchasing a new car or helping them rebuild credit. It’s the best feeling when members are confident about their financial futures.”


Member Service Representative

“I began my customer service experience back in 2006 with my very first job and joined the financial service industry in 2013, in PNC Bank’s Customer Care Center. I joined the KALSEE team in 2015. I’m excited to help members with their budget, meeting their financial needs, and obtaining their future goals, one question at a time. There truly is no such thing as a stupid question. It’s my passion to help and educate members on how to obtain money stability without sacrificing future needs. The pain of a thin wallet is practically physical, and nothing compares to the feeling you get when you finally end up in greener pastures. It’s a long venture, but ultimately the journey ends at a GREAT life! I’m grateful to say that I’ve had a part in it helping members get there.”


Member Service Representative

“I have been working in financial services for over ten years. I was a former call center representative for PNC and also a Teller with Huntington. I began my journey with KALSEE almost a year ago as a teller, and a few months later joined the Contact Center. I enjoy working in the KALSEE Contact Center because all our members are local, and it’s more of a personable experience. I’m not only talking to a member but a neighbor in my own community.”

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