Happy 50th to KVCC!


Improving access to college since 1966

KVCC plays a vital role in the health and success of the Kalamazoo community, improving access to affordable, quality education for both young adults and non-traditional students. Join us in saluting KVCC’s contribution to the Kalamazoo community!

“Kalamazoo Valley Community College has been a major part of everything I’ve been able to accomplish in my life.” – City of Kalamazoo Mayor and KVCC Alumnus, Bobby Hopewell

KVCC’s Mission

We are committed to enriching the lives of our students and communities through quality educational programs and services. To accomplish these ends, we will:

  • Support student goal achievement through access to learning experiences and assessment.
  • Support a balance between a comprehensive curricular base and innovations in education, personal development and technology by strategically utilizing resources.
  • Provide curriculum and supportive services relevant to the needs of individuals, enterprise and government.
  • Maintain a learning environment built upon the inclusivity of ideas of all cultures and ethnic backgrounds.
  • Support economic vitality and stability through development of a skilled local workforce.
  • Integrate the components of campus-based instruction, M-TEC and the Kalamazoo Valley Museum to support student and community needs.
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